Optical Printer K107  

Mechanics of  K107v3 Optical Printer work the same as in the original K107 printer, except the controls are designed for basic  one to one printing, without skip and step  sequence printing functions. Programmable projector frame count and frame cycle time for digital transfer operation is available.

                K107 Optical Printer with 20 watt LED lamp




            300 watt halogen light source   


20watt long lasting LED light source

  Optical Printer  K107 is functionally the same as all previous designs of JK Optical Printers. The printer base is designed for housing  all necessary electrical hardware such as DC power supplies, stepper motor drivers, AC synchronous motor relays and control electronics. Camera carriage and  Projector carriage are riding on linear ball bearings and movements are controlled by 20 turns per inch (24mm) lead-screws. Lens  X and Y adjustment  is controlled by 28 turns/inch screws and a dial indicator for each movement. Control  key  board is removable for table top use. Power ON/OFF, Camera FWD/REV, Projector FWD/REV, System RESET, Frame counter direction for 16mm and 35mm. switches and all cable sockets  are located in the back panel of the printer base. 

This package for  JK 107L Optical Printer operations includes the following items:
*  A printer base, camera carriage with X-axis movement and Bolex camera mount.
*  Lens carriage including X, Y and Z-axis movement.
*  Projector assembly includes S16/S16 film gate, the same film gate works with bouth film formats.
*  Lens mount, bellows and Y and Z-axis dial indicators.
*  El-Nikkor  75mm f/4 lens and extension tube. 
*  Supply and take up-reel capacity is increased  to  800 ft.  (10" diameter reels).
*  Manually adjusted angular projector rotation,  used for frame alignment. 
*  Sequence control with up/down frame count and following programmable functions:
   Exposure time,  preset frame count,  step cycle,  skip cycle  and alternate cycle.  
*  Bolex camera motor for film to film operation.
*  Camera mounting hardware for Bolex H body series and for common  size DSLR's.
*  90 degree viewing prism adapter. 
*  Super 16 film gate, this gate works with  16mm and S16 formats.
*  Bolex H16 Rex Rex 5 camera modified to Super 16 format  See S16
*  DTA controls for synchronized  DSLR camera trigger,  for film to digital transfer operation. 
    Buyer supplies DSLR camera. Camera mounting hardware, bellows to camera adapter, and appropriate remote
    trigger cord is supplied per customer specification. For some digital camera models the camera body cap and
    mechanical remote switch  m ay be required from buyer.  

    Complete K107 is ready for 16mm or Super 16 film to  film or film to digital operation. The only component missing is
    DSLR camera K107L  is supplied with S16 film gate. This dual film gate is good for regular 16mm  and  S16 image
    size printing. Bolex H16 Rex 4 or Rex 5 modified to Super 16 film format.

    Described package price:  
K107  US$ 14,875.00 + shipping expenses.
                                                    K10tv3 US$ 12,875.00  + shipping expenses

    8mm and Super 8, film gates are available; US$ 1,200.00 each.   
  Mechanical movements, including focus, reduction and enlargement ratios are achieved by hand adjustment. Image magnification is determined by the extension of the bellows and relative position of lens and camera.  With a 75 mm lens, ratios of 1:4 trough 4:1 are possible, providing a range for optical zoom, pan, cropping, split screen effects and format reduction or enlargement. Focus is done through  the camera viewfinder. When precise  alignment and focus is required, use 90 degree prism to observe actual  image on camera gate.
The lens and camera axes are tracked and located by fine-pitch lead screws, using graduated hand wheels. Exposure is controlled by the iris, filters and programmable exposure time control. Fades and dissolves are accomplished by using the combination of variable shutter, iris and light dimmer or a combination of ND filters. Colors are corrected by color printing filters.  Synchronized printing speed is 38 frames-per-minute.
Camera rewind speed is 160 frames per-minute. K107 is designed for Bolex H16 Rex 4 & 5  cameras.

Viewing Prism Adapter
This 90 degree prism in the place of pressure 
pad allows viewing through the aperture. 
Use for precision focus and compare the 
actual image in the aperture  versus  image 
in the viewfinder. Use any handheld f:50mm. 
lens for  magnifying the image.  Add      $95.00

Additional Optical printer components      

             Price US$
EL Nikkor 75mm. F: 4  lens      eBay  
8mm film gate for JK optical printer                                      1,200.00       
Super 8 film gate for JK optical printer   1,200.00

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