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nstallation to BOLEX H16 Rex motion picture camera 

This motor can be installed to operate any of  Bolex H16 Rex 4 / Rex5/ SBM and EBM Camera. Note: SBM and EBM requires 3mm. screw size to install.

K206 motor mounts directly to the BOLEX camera, no alterations required. Drive shaft engages with one to one drive outlet and three mounting screws engage with threaded inserts already in the REX 4 and later model cameras. A 120 frames-per-minute (120 RPM) 110 VAC synchronous motor delivers constant exposure time of 6/10 of sec. per frame.

The motor is operated by a forward/off and reverse operation toggle switch. Push button switch for individual advance.  On and Off continuous run toggle switch.  Sutter open and /closed toggle switch. Also a plug in socket 
for a remote controlled frame advance switch is provided.


        Before installing the K206 motor, you must disconnect the internal spring motor of the camera: Push the 
           (MOT) lever down   to (0) position and simultaneously press the trigger back to (M) position. 
           Set the speed control knob to 64 fps.

Note: To avoid the possible breakdown, turn the speed control pack to slower speed 24 fps. before engaging 
           the spring motor for live action shoot) 

2)       Align and engage the K206 motor coupling and the ONE TO ONE outlet drive shaft so that the camera 
        shutter is in closed position when motor is advanced and stops to home position. Note that most of 
           REX 5 and later model cameras have a drive shaft bin which have one end larger, this larger end must 
          point towards to the front of the camera. Align this wider end with the larger slot in the end of motor 

3)    Hold the motor in place with one hand and use your free hand to install (3) spacer bushings and mounting 
        screws, do not tighten screws yet.

4)    Remove the camera lens and inspect the shutter movement, TOGGLE the shutter open and closed switch, 
       if not correct repeat the install procedure and make correction by turning the camera drive shaft 180 deg.

5)    Align the motor so that the motor coupling appear to be 90 deg, to the camera body. Finely run the motor in 
       continuous mode, if uneven motor sound is observed re-align till binding sound disappear. Tighten the 
       mounting screws.

6)    In finale inspection, the shutter must be in closed position when the Shutter open/closed switch is in 

NOTE: The shutter OPEN/CLOSED switch must be in CLOSED position when operating the camera in normal 
             single frame mode.