Troubleshooting  JK  Optical  Printer and Bolex camera operation.
A)   Printing motor sounds 

B)  Synchronous operation 
runs wild

C)  Film in projector runs 
     continuously without 

D)  Projector damages or
     destroys film original.

E)  Film original is burned.

F)  Processed reversal film 
     is black or negative film
     is clear.
G)  Processed film has
     consistent slurred,
     indiscernible image.

H)  Processed film has
     occasional slurred frames.

I)   Processed film image has
     spots, dark areas or
     inconsistent brightness.

Motor not properly aligned with 
    1 to 1 shaft.

1.  Film gate improperly installed
2.  Pour lubrication or cleaning
3.  Camera on REV mode
4.  Film original contains damaged or 
     torn splices

1.  Film original badly shrunken.
2.  If bipacking, outside film of bipack 
     is wrong pitch or shrunken.
3.  Film gate requires realignment,
     registration pins are not penetrating 
     into film perforation.

1   Film gate  improperly threaded,  and 
     the same possible causes as listed
1.  Take-up belt not connected.
2.  Take-up belt connected improperly.

1.  Camera variable shutter closed.
2.  Lens cap on. 

1.  Camera advance claw not properly
2.  Camera pressure bad is loose.
3.  Camera 1 to 1 shaft and motor coupling
      is 180 degree out of position.

1.  Bad splices, torn or shrunken 
     perforation vent through projector.
2.  Multiple exposure improperly executed.
3.  Camera loosing film loop occasionally.

1.  Bolex viewfinder prism dusty or dirty.
2.  Bolex filter dirty or bent.
3.  Light source not properly aligned.
4.  Line voltage drops substantially 
     during printing. 
Loosen camera motor mounting screws and
     reposition motor so that the coupling is
     centered with camera shaft.

1.  Reinstall and check for proper alignment.
2.  Clean and lubricate 
3.  Switch to FWD mode
4.  Repair perforation and /or splices.

1.  See above.
2.  Attempt to print one frame at a time by 
     using manual single advance button.
3.  Transpose film layers of bipack.

1.  See threading diagram.

1.  Check why belt is not working.
2.  Give a half twist and replace on 
     take-up spindle.
1.  Open shutter and remove the lens cap.

1.   See repair service.
2.   Read Initial set-up instructions.
3.   See motor installation.

1.  See B and C above.
2.  Read a Bolex hand book for multiple
3.  See Bolex repair service or call
     Meritex for service.

1.  Open a camera turret exposing the beam
     splitter prism, swing out and clean.
2.  Place all filters in between  the light
     source  and film original.
3.  Realign light source and install diffusion
     glass in between lamp and film gate.
4.  Run lamp through a voltage regulator, or
     unplug any heavy appliances during printing.