How to Change 16mm and Super 16 formats

          Bolex H Rex 4 and Rex 5 camera conversion 
        Shooting in 16mm. format or Super 16 format the lens must be
   centered to corresponding aperture size.  

   An extra turret plate is provided to center the lens with Super 16 aperture.
    For 16mm format shooting use the original turret plate. Only one lens can be mounted to
    S16mm. turret and it doesn't rotate. 16mm. turret functions as the  original.   
    Exchange of these turret plates are made easy and can be done on location, by using a
    thumb screw locking screw in place of spring assembly. Turret latch and C-mound locking
    screw functions are the same as the original. 


To adjust a bayonet center alignment with 16mm. or Super 16 frame format do the following adjustment:
With a 1/4 inch wide screwdriver loosen all 5 screws by turning CCW one turn. Facing the camera front, push the bayonet
assembly to the right until movement stops then tighten all 5 screws, do not use excessive force. For  16mm. format, push
the bayonet assembly to the left until it stops and tighten all 5 screws.

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