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Using 16mm film in Super16 format nothing comes even close to image quality in film projection or in digital media. 

The quality of the digital image is directly related to size of the film image area that is used for digital transfer. When Super16 aperture format is used for 16x9 HDTV image transfer the available film area is 31.38% larger over Standard 16mm for 16x9 aspect ratio. Full S16 frame cropped to 16x9 aspect ratio the film area is The Standard 16mm. frame for 16x9 aspect ratio the available film area is Super 16 format compared to Ultra 16  the useful film area for 16x9 aspect ratio of Ultra16 frame is 13.43% smaller than S16 16-9 HDTV frame. 
Note that for Ultra16 16x9 aspect ratio the useful 9 side dimension can not be higher than 6.36mm (.250"), the distance in between sprocket holes. The maximum width of (16 side) is 11.290mm. (.4444") so the maximum available film area is For calculations I used actual camera aperture size and usable 16x9 aspect ratio. Some size cropping may be required during digital transfer process, depending of equipment used. The benefit of using Super 16 aperture format full frame or 16x9-HDTV frame, the image area can be digitized to 2K file size which is standard for HDTV viewing.
Do your home work, the Ultra 16 film format does not seem to be as good as spoken for. Note: The cost of camera is least expensive part of low budget film making.

Bolex EL Super 16

Modified 13x Viewfinder



Following images are to clarify some confusion  concerning  Reflex-viewfinder  magnification.

  Bolex 13x viewfinder modified to match
  with  Super 16 aperture size. This work
  is part of camera conversion to S16
   format.  This viewfinder was supplied
   with the late model Rex 5, SBM, EBM
   and all EL cameras.

  A original 10x  viewfinder, supplied with
  Rex 2, 3,  4, SB  and early versions of
  Rex 5, SBM and EBM cameras.
  This 6x viewfinder identifies the Bolex
   H16  Rex and Rex1 cameras.
   Upgrade this small viewfinder  with JK 14x
   assembly.   See the price list below

Up grade your camera to larger and clearer viewfinder image.

  An original Bolex 10x viewfinder modified
  to 13x view.  Outside appearance is the same,   some internal components and optical  element   are  changed and relocated to enlarge the   image area equal to 13x viewing.
 Modification $ 245.00
  JK viewfinder for Bolex H16 Rex camera  A complete 13x magnification viewfinder assembly. Available in 16mm or S16 formats. Including  mounting  screws and spacer plates. Fits to all Bolex H16 Reflex cameras that have reflex front prism system assembly but is missing Refflex-viewfinder. 
Made by Meritex/JK  
Price  $395.00

For the S16 conversion without the ground glass markings deduct  $165.00
In this option the viewfinder is aligned with camera aperture using a full S16 frame mask only, located in the viewfinder system
other than ground glass. Example: Bolex H16 Rex5, SBM, EBM having original 13x viewfinder system, conversion to S16 format cost $985 - 165 = $820.00   This option does not apply to EL camera conversion.

  Super 16 ground glass markings
   Optically enlarged image path for  viewfinder accommodating full view of  Super 16  frame and cut   off lines for  HDTV 16x9 frame size.  The frame center gross hair marking not included.


Super 16 conversion of Bayonet mount Bolex cameras.

Bolex SB, SBM, and EBM  camera conversions to Super 16 format. These bayonet mount cameras the lens mount is easily shifted to 16mm or S16 aperture center line, no need to open the camera lid. However, most of cameras we modify are used for Super16  format only and installed with S16 ground glass marking. You select which one.EBM and EL cameras send for S16 conversion must be in good operation, we do not repair the camera operating  electronics.

Bolex EL conversion is for Super 16 format only. Shifting the lens mount back to 16mm position is more tricky and not recommended. Conversion of: Bolex H body SB,  SBM,  EBM, EL and Rex 5 all  these model having the original 13X viewfinder 
Price is
The bayonet mount camera having 10x viewfinder, add  $265.00  for 13x viewfinder conversion. 

Super 16 conversion of turret mount Rex 3,
Rex 4, and Rex 5 cameras

The axel for the rotating turret plate is permanently relocated to Super 16 position.
All three lens mounts are fully functional for C-mount lenses.
Note that the lens that covers Super 16 frame can be used to shoot regular 16mm format
without re-centering the lens to 16mm axes. Using lenses equal to Kern Switar's the image
quality of 16 mm. frame is equal to sprocket hole side corners of S16 frame. 

The conversion work requires relocation of turret plate assembly to lens center axes with expanded S16 aperture.
Machining the aperture  plate to S16 size. Machining the front block clearance for relocating optical components,
image path clearance, masking and centering with Super 16 frame. The film transport modification allowing scratch
 free film travel for larger image area.
SBM and EBM  bayonet mount cameras the lens offsetting for Super 16 frame center and 16mm frame 
center is accomplished by relocating the bayonet assembly. Operation: loosen four screws, shift the 
assembly to appropriate  position for  Super 16 or 16mm frame,  retighten the screws. This can be 
done without opening the camera lid. 

The bayonet lens mount of the EL camera is set to a fixed position in optical axes of  the S16 aperture. 
To move the bayonet back to 16mm aperture axes can be done but is not recommended. 

What is included in Super 16 conversion:
   Bolex H body cameras: EL, SBM, SB, EBM. Rex5 and Rex 4 These camera  conversions to  Super 16 format
includes inspection and lubrication of internal gear train and other mechanical movements. This job is worth $185.
If part repair or replacement is required we will give a cost estimate before proceeding with conversion work.
S16 conversion Work description:
For all models, 16mm aperture is machined to Super 16 aperture size. Machine work is done to camera front block
assembly for relocation of beam splitter prism and rhomboid prism. Viewfinder optics are realigned to match the
viewfinder image with S16 film gate. Film transport components require clearance modification to film guides,
sprockets and aperture plate.  
For turret mount cameras Rex 4 and Rex 5,  a new turret axel is installed to shift the turret c-mount holes to center
line of S16 frame, this makes 3 lens turret fully functional. This is a permanent turret location.
EL, SB, SBM and  EBM  cameras.  Bayonet lens mount assembly plate is moved center axes with S16 frame.
It is possible to move this assembly back to 16mm axes if so desired.

Bolex H16 Camera Modifications



Bolex  Rex 5, SB, SBM,  EBM and EL having 13x  viewfinder  conversion to Super16   (All Bayonet  mount cameras)           985.00
Bolex  All Bayonet mount cameras having 10x  viewfinder conversion to Super 16  and 13x viewfinder               1,185.00
* Bolex  H16  Rex 4 and Rex 5 having  10x  viewfinder,  conversion to Super 16      1,085.00 
Bolex  H16  Rex3, Rex 4 and Rex 5 having having 10x view, conversion to Super 16 and to 13x viewfinder  1,085.00
All Bolex H16 Rex 2 and later models, modify 10x viewfinder to 13x view                                             245.00
Bolex H8 Rex 4 & Rex 3 conversion to DS8    (The listed price includes lubrication service, value 195.00) Call

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